In the spirit of giving and community support, we are proud to announce our collaboration with the Mission for Migrant Workers Maldives (MMWM) in their initiative, “Donate a Meal, Help a Life!”. This heartwarming campaign, now in its fourth year, aims to spread joy and solidarity during the holy month of Ramadan by providing nutritious meals.

For the past three years, MMWM has been on a remarkable journey, spearheading efforts to make a tangible difference in the lives of migrant workers and underserved communities in Male & Hulhumale’. Through the generous contributions of the public, support from corporate sponsors, and the tireless dedication of volunteers, MMWM has successfully distributed over 27,000 meal packs, offering sustenance and hope to those facing hardships.

This year, MMWM has set an ambitious goal of distributing 15,000 meals, and we are honored to be part of this impactful endeavor. Each meal pack assembled will contain a nutritious selection of food items carefully curated to provide nutrition for breaking the fast-during Iftar. By ensuring that recipients have access to wholesome meals, MMWM aims to alleviate hunger and promote well-being within the community.

We recognize the importance of supporting initiatives that uplift and empower vulnerable populations, especially during times of heightened need. As advocates for health and well-being, we understand that access to nutritious food is essential for overall physical and mental health. By joining forces with MMWM in their “Donate a Meal, Help a Life!” Campaign, we reaffirm our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Together, let us make a difference, one meal at a time.